DROUGHT PUNISHMENT! Many people in the world today recognize a gradual warming trend on earth, which they refer to as “Global Warming” and some use it as an opportunity to encourage others to take care of the earth God gave us, which is good. Unfortunately some, including many scientists lacking in the intelligence to believe in God, use global warming as an opportunity to promote their personal agendas or biases and blame all weather extremes including the lack of rain and droughts on global warming, as if it was all manmade and that God does not exist. In suggesting manmade causes for droughts, most neglect to include punishment from God. God used no “RAIN”  [1 Ki 17:14] in Elijah’s ministry to punish people. God stated “THE GROUND IS CRACKED BECAUSE THERE IS NO RAIN IN THE LAND” [Jer 14:4 NI] as punishment in Jeremiah’s ministry. God pointed out when using rain as a punishment in Amos’ ministry “I SENT RAIN ON ONE TOWN, BUT WITHHELD IT FROM ANOTHER” [Am 4:7 NI]. Yes, lack of rain or drought can be caused by man, when man is being punished by God, who said “I DO NOT CHANGE” [Mal 3:6] which includes using lack of rain as punishment. God can punish one country and not another or only part of a country. We know from Jesus that in the end times there will be an “INCREASE OF WICKEDNESS” [Mt 24:12 NI] which includes what we see today in many places where it is acceptable to kill young babies (abortion) and to encourage sexual perversions (including homosexuality) and other wickedness.  Jesus revealed to us that “NO RAIN” [Rev 11:6] is a punishment God will make available in end times. When we see lack of rain and drought, we may consider it could be punishment for man’s increased wickedness. Encourage turning from sins and turning back to God, including in times of drought. Do you encourage turning to God?  To learn more about JESUS WORLDVIEW  go to http://www.jesusworldview.net/                                           Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures