MIRACULOUS SIGNS Some religious people came to Jesus and to test Him requested to see a miracle from God. Jesus responded "WHY DO THESE PEOPLE KEEP DEMANDING A MIRACULOUS SIGN? I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, I WILL NOT GIVE THIS GENERATION ANY SUCH SIGN” [Mk 8:12 NL]{Mt 16:4}{Mt 12:39}{Lk 11:29}. Many people today want to see miracles just like in Jesus days. We have records of thousands of people experiencing miracles in Jesus ministry and yet only about "120"  [Ac 1:15] were still around after Jesus completed His ministry on earth. Miracles are fascinating but are of no value unless God "DRAWS" [Jn 6:44] a person to Jesus. Also seeking miracles for fascination is offensive to God, as Jesus tells us to not put "GOD TO THE TEST" [Mt 4:7]. Are you drawn to Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures