GOOD TO LEARN Concerning the story of the sower, Jesus had pointed out that some things are initially "HIDDEN TO THOSE OUTSIDE THE   KINGDOM" [Mk 4:11 TL]. Then after explaining the story of the sower and reminding that a lamp is lit to give light, He concludes "EVERYTHING THAT IS HIDDEN WILL BE MADE CLEAR. EVERY SECRET THING WILL BE MADE KNOWN" [Mk 4:22 ER]{Mt 10:26}{Lk 8:17}. Although some teachings may be initially hidden, they will eventually be made known, like when Jesus explained the story to His apprentices. However Jesus then encourages us to "THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT THE THINGS YOU HEAR" [Mk 4:24 IC] because if we are learning God will give us more and if we are not learning, things will become less even clear. Are you learning and growing?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures