BLASPHEMES In response to religious leaders who accused Jesus’ use of the power of the Holy Spirit, as being from “demons” [Mk 3:22], Jesus stated ANYONE WHO ·SPEAKS AGAINST [BLASPHEMES] THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN” [Mk 3:29 EX]{Mt 12:31}{Lk 12:10}. Two other clarifying translations are WHOEVER BLASPHEMES AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT AND HIS POWER [BY ATTRIBUTING THE MIRACLES DONE BY ME TO SATAN] NEVER HAS FORGIVENESS” [Mk 3:29 AMP] and IF YOU PERSIST IN YOUR SLANDERS AGAINST GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT, YOU ARE REPUDIATING THE VERY ONE WHO FORGIVES” [Mk 3:29 MSG]. On a positive note, if a person is concerned that they have committed the “unforgivable sin”, the very fact they are concerned proves they are not rejecting God’s spirit. People who persist in blaspheming or speaking evil of God’s spirit are rejecting their only way for forgiveness and for salvation. Do you love God’s spirit? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures