JESUS IS A HEBREW SPEAKING JEW! Jesus read in Hebrew that God “HAS ANOINTED ME TO PREACH GOOD NEWS” then spoke in Hebrew “TODAY THIS SCRIPTURE IS FULLFILLED” [Lk 4:18, 21 NI]. Jesus is a Hebrew speaking Israeli Jew born in Israel to an Israeli mother, who was an observant Jew (Lk 2:4-41). Jesus said God sent Him only to "THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL" (Mt 15:24 IC). Growing up when Jesus went to school like all young Jewish boys, He would have learned to read and write using the Hebrew Scriptures as their main text. Some people try to discredit Jesus' Jewish roots by claiming that Jesus spoke a foreign language when He walked the earth. Jesus spoke Hebrew, the same language used for the Ten Commandments and the recording of the books of the bible. Some people today are misled into thinking Aramaic was Jesus’ language, which would mean they spoke a foreign language and in times of worship and instruction had to have the Hebrew Scriptures followed by a Aramaic translation or paraphrase, called a "Targum". To say Aramaic was Jesus’ main language is contrary to all the biblical evidence. The Hebrew Bible (aka the Old Testament or the TANAKH) mentions the Aramaic language four times ( 2 Kings 18:26; Ezra 4:7; Isaiah 36:11; Daniel 2:4). In every mention, Aramaic is referred to as a foreign language and even contrasted with Hebrew, "the language of Judah" [Is 36:11 NRS]. Closer to the time of Jesus' birth, we find that the overwhelming majority of The Dead Sea Scrolls are in Hebrew, not Aramaic. They also include some Greek manuscripts and some in Aramaic. The seventh cave discovered at Qumran contained only Greek texts. In the stories recorded about Jesus, Aramaic is not ever mentioned but Hebrew is mentioned 5 times (Lk 23:38; Jn 5:2; 19:13, 17, 20) in the majority of Greek manuscripts available. Paul even tells how, after Jesus rose from the dead, Jesus spoke to him in Hebrew (Ac 26:14). A few years later, Paul wanted to get the attention of a crowd of Jews in Jerusalem and spoke to them in Hebrew [Ac 21:40; 22:2]. Also, in the Aramaic translation of the Bible (aka The Syriac Vulgate or the Peshitta) the word Hebrew, not Aramaic, is found in the same 8 scriptures.  click here for the rest of the teaching Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures