WORSHIP ONLY GOD,  NOT MARY! God chose Mary to be His Son’s mother, which was a great honor. Initial Mary did not understand how it was possible as she was a virgin or had never had sexual relations with a man but God’s messenger concluded his explanation “WITH GOD NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE”  [Lk 1:37 NKJ]. In a desire to honor Mary, some have made up teachings that she was a virgin all her life even though both followers of Jesus [Mk 3:32] and non believers from their home town [Mk 6:3] mention that Mary had other sons and daughters. We are fortunate that regarding the details around Jesus’ birth “Mary remembered all these things” [Lk 2:19 GN] and Jesus’ early years are recorded in Luke. Be very careful of stories people make up about Mary and Jesus long after eyewitnesses are deceased. Mary knew to be chosen to give birth and to raise God’s Son that she was “blest of God” [Lk 1:48 TL] which is always wonderful to be allowed to serve God, as have many men and women before and since. Even in Jesus time on earth some people tried to elevate His mother. One time a woman told Jesus how “blessed” His mother was and Jesus responded “BLESSED RATHER ARE THOSE WHO HEAR THE WORD OF GOD AND OBEY IT” [Lk 11:28 NI]. In the later part of Jesus’ ministry, His mother Mary, appeared to be a supporter and was even with other followers after Jesus ascended to heaven [Ac 1:14]. At no time did they treat her more special than simply being the mother of Jesus, which is special enough. Only worship God and pray to Him in Jesus name and honor God by obeying Him.  Do you only worship God?                                               Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures click to continue teaching