DO LIKE JESUS Jesus’ apprentices had rowed a boat, in the dark, over three miles and the wind was blowing and the water was rough, when they saw a man walking on the water toward them. They were extremely terrified, until Jesus spoke and identified Himself by saying, “IT IS I; DON’T BE AFRAID” [Jn 6:20 NI]{Mt 14:27}{Mk 6:50}. Yes, it was a miracle and also consider that Jesus had to be physically strong to walk over three miles on rough water. Jesus tells us “THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN ME WILL DO WHAT I DO” [Jn 14:12 GN] and educated people will tell us He is referring to miracles, as if walking on water was not a miracle. Fortunately, we have stories of less educated people, who have read this story and with faith like a little child, walked on water. Can you do what Jesus did?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures