LET PEOPLE SEE GOD IN YOU! In the evening of the day Jesus rose from the dead, He appeared to His disciples who were hiding behind locked doors and said to them “RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT. IF YOU FORGIVE ANYONE HIS SINS, THEY ARE FORGIVEN …” [Jn 20:19-23 NI]. Some suggest that His disciples received God’s spirit at that moment but their reaction was to go fishing. Over a week later when they along with others received God’s spirit on the day of Pentecost their reaction was as Jesus described “YOU WILL BE MY WITNESSES” [Ac 1:8 NI]. Often we can detect God at work in people’s lives by their reaction or actions. Jesus talks about recognizing people “BY THEIR FRUITS” [Mt 7:20] and we can detect God in people’s lives or the lack of God by their fruits. In the same way we may detect God’s spirit in a person’s life by their conduct or as some call the initial evidence of witnessing, we may also be able to detect that a person has “AUTHORITY ON EARTH TO FORGIVE SINS” [Mk 2:10 GN] by the results of the forgiving. Many have made up teachings and rules describing how people in their religion are qualified to forgive people’s sins. Perhaps the best evidence or result proving that a person has “AUTHORITY ON EARTH TO FORGIVE SINS” [Mk 2:10 GN] is the example Jesus gave when He forgave sins resulting in the person being healed. Yes, if a person forgives sins resulting a healing, we know that God has enabled them to forgive sins. We can be aware of God’s power in our lives by witnessing, by fruits, by love, by healing, in many ways.  Do you like being aware of God in our lives?   Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures