BELIEVE JESUS! Jesus is not God as He clearly tells us “I SAID, `I AM THE SON OF GOD'” [Jn 10:36 NAS].  When God sent a messenger to tell Mary she would have a son and that she was to name Him Jesus, she was confused and asked how it was possible because she had never had sexual intercourse with a man. God’s messenger told her about God’s spirit being involved and the power of God and how people will call Him “THE SON OF GOD” and concluded by stating  “FOR NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD” [Lk 1:35-37 NI]. For centuries people have been skeptical about these details although today medical science has figured out how to help a woman get pregnant without having sexual intercourse. Jesus specifically says He is "THE SON OF GOD" [Jn 10:36 KJ] yet many of the religions in Christianity teach manmade doctrines that Jesus is really God in a human body. Jesus put a lot of effort in His ministry on earth directing people to His Father. Jesus teaches us to pray daily to His Father, who is our Father in heaven. Jesus was frequently recorded as praying to God. Jesus is not deceiving or lying when praying to His Father. Deceiving and lying is a characteristic of Satan. Anyone who believes in Jesus will recognize the truth that Jesus is God’s son. Do you believe Jesus? click here to continue teaching Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures