GIVING On his way to Jerusalem, Paul shared a quote from Jesus, “IT IS MORE BLESSED TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE” [Ac 20:35]. Most people consider it more enjoyable to receive than to give. Speaking about the end times when people are judged and separated, Jesus speaks favorably about people who gave “SOMETHING TO EAT” or “TO DRINK” or “CLOTHES”, etc [Mt 25:35]. Unfortunately, most people will not develop a giving attitude or stop sinning to help have eternal life. Jesus teaches us that what is important in our life is not our “ABUNDANCE OF POSSESSIONS” [Lk 12:15 NRS]. If a person will follow Jesus and “DENY” [Lk 9:23] themselves and start giving, they will discover great pleasure in giving. To get started, just give away what you haven’t used in a long time. As we “TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO TREAT YOU”  [Lk 6:31 TL], our possessions become less important and we find pleasure in giving, even food and drink. Give out of obedience to God and enjoy being blessed by God. Do you enjoy giving?  To learn more about JESUS WORLDVIEW go to Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures