TELL ABOUT JESUS! When Jesus tells us that no one can come to Him unless God “DRAWS THEM TO ME” [Jn 6:44 GN] Jesus is not negating His command to “BE MY WITNESSES” [Ac 1:8] or to “MAKE FOLLOWERS” [Mt 28:19 IC]. Yes God will draw people to Jesus but we should not rely on that and neglect to witness. Some people may witness about what God has done in their life and when others finish listening, they are more impressed with that person than God. When Jesus tells us to be “MY” witnesses, we are to witness about Jesus and His Father without the focus being on ourselves or how God has blessed others or our church or a religion, etc. When we witness for Jesus, we share what Jesus did and said, which includes what He taught about God.  Are you a witness for Jesus? click to continue teaching Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures