WORTHY TO REMEMBER After sharing some concerns about church conduct, Paul quoted Jesus concerning instructions “TO REMEMBER ME” [1 Co 11:24,25 IC]{Lk 12:19} by eating bread and drinking from the cup. Paul goes on to suggest an opinion that people can remember Jesus in an “unworthy manner” [1 Co 11:27], which has been used for years to prevent people from obeying Jesus by remembering Him. One of the statements Jesus made referring to the cup as remembering that His “BLOOD IS POURED OUT FOR MANY TO FORGIVE THEIR SINS” [Mt 26:28 IC] and some have experienced forgiveness, while remembering Jesus with the cup. Jesus never suggested we had to be sin free or worthy to remember Him or to come to Him. Jesus knows, to say ‘you can be unworthy to remember Jesus’ is a lie! Do you believe Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures