Many followers of Jesus in many religions who are considered highly educated will use terms like “myth”, “legend” etc concerning stories in the bible implying that they are not sure the stories are true. Jesus remembered and quoted God from the creation story (Ge 2:24) “…THE TWO WILL BECOME ONE” (Mt 19:4 GN). Jesus talked about “THE DAYS OF NOAH” (Mt 24:37 NI) and the flood. Jesus remembered details not recorded in scriptures like “PEOPLE WERE EATING AND DRINKING, MARRYING AND GIVING IN MARRIAGE, UP TO THE DAY NOAH ENTERED THE ARK” (Mt 24:38 NI) before the bad people were taken away by the flood.  Jesus knew the story about “JONAH WAS THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS IN THE BELLY OF A HUGE FISH” (Mt 12:40 NI) was true. Just follow Jesus, having a Jesus Worldview.  Jesus’ Worldview is the stories in the bible are true. [3] Have the Worldview the stories in the bible are true, believing the bible the way it is written. Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures